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Well, to call the Norn "Man-Bears" may not be entirely accurate if you consider the statuesque female Norn. I remember what I was thinking at my first glimpse of Jora, the female Norn Warrior introduced to the Guild Wars world in the Eye of the North expansion... "Oh baby, we're going to win the 2-on-2 basketball competition" Guild Wars 2 Norn race(What did you think I was thinking? GW2 norn )

A race of rugged, solitary hunters, the Norn worship the Spirits of the Wild... The Bear, The Snow Leopard, The Wolf and The Raven... and have the ability to shapeshift into mighty bestial forms with unique skills and powers. While the Norn are perfectly willing to allow the idea of gods, they think of them as a different type of their own animal Spirits.

Over the past one hundred years, more and more Norn have been seen in Kryta and lands beyond. Forced from their traditional homes in the Far North by the Elder Ice Dragon, Jormag, the Norn have re-settled in the Shiverpeaks, building new Totem lodges and Homesteads amongst the high peaks and snow-filled valleys. The greatest of these settlements is Hoelbrak, which provides a central meeting point for the Norn people where they can prepare for their next glorious battle.

Leading into Guild Wars 2, the eastern border of the Shiverpeaks has been stable for nearly 200 years. During The Searing, the Norn had allowed the Charr armies safe passage through the northern pass from Ascalon into Kryta, setting the stage for the Charr invasion of the central human lands. Although it is certain the Charr could have destroyed the Norn resistance if they had turned their entire army, or even one full legion, to the cause, warbands and smaller raiding parties could not overcome the individual strength of the Norn.

Although this mutual respect is not a real alliance, it has allowed the two races to live within a watchful peace... The Charr are allowed passage through Gunnar's Hold, and the lower canyons where the Norn had spread. The two races allowing one another passage and trade, while keeping their borders secure.

In Guild Wars 2 though, all is not peaceful for the Norn (which probably suits them just fine). After the demise of the Dwarves at the hands of the Great Destroyer, the Dredge seized the opportunity to claim Dwarven lands for themselves, resulting in the Norn and the Dredge fighting for control of these lands in a continual war that rages along the highest mountains.

As well as this, the Sons of Svanir, a group of corrupted Norn, worship the Ice Dragon Jormag as the ultimate Totem spirit. Only time will tell what brutal and bloody destiny awaits these traitors.

As for the Humans... The Norn have kept ties with their human friends, although the Norn often felt betrayed by their unpredictable human allies. Recently, that sense of betrayal has increased, as the Norn do not trust the Krytan Queen, believing her to be too dependant on her advisors, too unwilling to act on her own as a hero must. Although relations have cooled, the Norn hold out hope that the Krytan queen will prove herself by dominating her race, or that someone else will rise from among the humans to show them what it means to be strong.

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