Guild Wars 2 Fire Elementalist

My first character in the original Guild Wars was an Elementalist. I just loved being the nuking firebug and raining Meteor Showers and Fire Storms down on marauding foes. For myself and other Elemental fans, the upgraded Guild Wars 2 Elementalist looks to be made to please!
FIRE attunement automatically causes flame damage to any foe foolish enough to touch the Ele. Gives the ability to inflict massive damage on multiple enemies by raining down molten rock from above or turning the ground to fire.
Below is a video of a GW2 Fire Elementalist using the skill "METEOR SHOWER"

Guild Wars 2 Fire Elementalists have a number of special skill types:

  • Signet of Fire - While "Passive" increases critical hit rate. When "Active" burns your target.
  • Glyphs - enhance or modify the natural power of the Elementalist to increase the damage, range, and duration of spells.
  • Conjure Spells - Summon useful items and potent weapons that she or other party members can use.
  • Area Spells - Create hazards and mayhem all over the field of battle. The Fire Elementalist shoots lava arrows in a cone-shaped blast or creates walls of fire that burn any enemies who pass through it.

Here's a Fire Elementalist using the skill "PHOENIX"

More videos and detailed up-to-date information on the Elementalist can be found here... The Guild Wars 2 Elementalist.

Some of the Skills at a Fire Elementalist's disposal are :

  • Backdraft : Create a backdraft that pulls your target to you while burning them.
  • Bed of Coals : Set fire to the ground around you.
  • Burning Retreat : Roll directly backwards, leaving a wall of fire behind you.
  • Burning Speed : Sprint forward, leaving a wall of fire behind you.
  • Conjure Flame : Creates 3 Lava Axes that can be used as environmental weapons.
  • Dragon's Breath : Breathes flames over an area.
  • Dragon's Claw : Throw fire in a claw-like pattern at your foe.
  • Dragon's Tooth : Drop an explosive dragon's tooth on your enemy.
  • Drake's Breath : Breathe a cone of fire over foes while moving.
  • Energy Blast : Hold and release to shoot an arcane blast. The longer held, the more energy you'll expend for damage.
  • Energy Shield : Surround yourself with an energy shield that reduces damage by 50%.
  • Fire Blast : Scorches nearby foes.
  • Fireball : Shoots a fiery ball that explodes on impact, damaging foes within the blast radius.
  • Fire Shield : Surround yourself with a shield of fire that burns foes.
  • Flame Burst : Burn surrounding enemies.
  • Flame Prison : Surround an area with flames that burns enemies trying to pass through it.
  • Flamestrike : Strike enemy target with a blast of flame.
  • Flame Touch : Burns target foe, dealing heavy damage.
  • Flamewall : Creates a wall of fire at target location, that burns foes who pass through.
  • Flame Wave : A wave of flames spreads across the target area.
  • Lava Arrows : Fire off a cone shaped volley of fiery projectiles.
  • Lava Font : Lava bubbles and burns at target location.
  • Meteor : Burn and cripple your enemy with a meteor from the sky.
  • Meteor Shower : Fiery meteors rain down on target location knocking enemies down.
  • Phoenix : A fiery phoenix flies from your location, hits enemies in a line, explodes on impact, then flies back to heal you.
  • Ring of Fire : Create a circle of flame around the target area.

Aquatic Skills :

  • Boil : Boil the water around your foe.
  • Heat Wave : Knock back foes and regenerate allies with a wave of heat.
  • Lava Chains : Cripple multiple foes with lava chains.
  • Magma Orb : Shoot a blob of molten rock that explodes after a delay.
  • Steam : Superheat the water around foe, blinding and burning them.
What better way to blast your way through Guild Wars 2 than with a flame-summoning Fire Elementalist! Guild Wars 2 Fire  Elementalist

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