Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Unveiled

After the excitement at gamescom 2010 when the Guild Wars 2 demo unveiled the Necromancer as one of the playable professions, it was only a matter of time until ArenaNet opened the floodgates of information for the master of the undead.

Life Force

Life force is at the core of the GW2 Necromancer. It's a special type of energy used only by the Necromancer profession.

The Necro builds up Life Force by attacking and killing foes. He feeds on death, summons the dead and literally sucks the lifeblood from his enemies.

Each of his weapon sets also have skills that give the Necro life force, and he gains an even larger amount of life force for kills that happen nearby.

The Guild Wars 2 Necromancer also has an array of utility skills at his disposal which build up life force. For example, the "Ghost Armor" skill improves a Necromancer's armor and adds life force every time he takes damage.

Once he reaches a certain life force threshold, this allows him to activate "Death Shroud" and enter a spirit form, leaving his body behind.

Death Shroud

Death Shroud is a special ability, which can be used by the Necromancer at any time, using his life force as a secondary health bar.

When faced with defeat a Necromancer can use his "Death Shroud" ability instead of going into the "downed" state when he runs out of health. While in this shroud, the Necro assumes a spectral form which allows him to continue fighting until he either runs out of life force or kills a foe, which will rally him back into his own body.

In his Death Shroud, a necromancer has a number of special skills available to him. One of those allows him to summon a shadow fiend, a special minion unique to this form.


Guild Wars 2 Necromancers have a unique set of special skills, which are similar, but also vastly different to those previously found on these masters of the dark arts.

Minions - The Undead are a Necro's best friend and the GW2 Necromancer continues on the tradition of summoning undead minions to attack his foes and carry out his bidding. In Guild Wars 2 however, every minion-summoning spell now has an associated secondary spell that appears after the minion has been summoned. This secondary spell destroys the minion while providing a powerful effect to the necromancer.

For example, the Necromancer's healing skill, "Summon Blood Fiend", creates a minion that heals its master while it attacks (like Vampiric Horror's in the original guildwars). After the minion has been summoned, the "Summon Blood Fiend" skill is replaced by the skill "Taste of Death", which allows the necromancer to destroy the minion and recover a larger chunk of health.

Wells - These are created at the Necromancer's location and are persistent spells that allow a necromancer to control the area around him, affecting targets within the skill's range.

"Well of Blood", for example, applies a regeneration boon to all allies within it (similar to the original Guild Wars skill). The difference with Guild Wars 2 is that a necromancer can only have one well skill active at any one time.

Marks - A new addition to the Necromancer arsenal in Guild Wars 2, marks are ground-targeted spells with a variety of potent effects. "Mark of Blood", for example, gives health regeneration to nearby allies while also damaging enemies. Marks will trigger after a set period of time, but a necromancer can always trigger their marks on command by hitting the skill again.

Fear - Necromancers use this removable condition, which is not available to any other profession, to make an enemy run directly away from the necromancer for a short period of time.

For example, the spell "Doom" will inflict fear on a single target.

Here's a video showing the Guild Wars 2 Necromancer in action!

Necromancer Weapons

The Guild Wars 2 Necromancer has a variety of one-handed, two-handed and offhand weapon items to choose from.

Main Hand : Axe, Dagger, Scepter (all one-handed)
Off Hand : Dagger, Focus, Warhorn
Two-Handed: Staff

As mentioned earlier, each of these weapon sets have skills that give the Necromancer life force.

More videos and detailed, up-to-date information on the Necromancer can be found here... The Guild Wars 2 Necromancer.

Due in no small part to the Death Shroud ability, Necromancers are sure to be one of the most popular professions to play (and one of the most resilient) in Guild Wars 2. Necromancer unveiled

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