Krytan Militia in Guild Wars 2

Ree Soesbee, the uber-talented Guild Wars 2 designer, has filled in some of the blanks regarding how Krytan Law works and the relationship between the three martial arms of the Krytan nation and how they get along... or don't! The Shining Blade, the Ministry Guard and the Seraph engage in a tug-of-war for influence and control within the city of Divinity's Reach. The secretive Shining Blade act with complete disregard for the other two. The Seraph demand more authority over the nobility of Kryta, and the Ministry Guard discriminate against "commoners", refusing to allow them admission to their ranks.

The Shining Blade

Shining Blade emblem Originating from the freedom fighters of the War in Kryta era, the Shining Blade are the Queen's personal guards, watching over the Royal Family itself.

Although they may be the smallest and least-known of the Krytan militia, the Shining Blade are trained as an elite force who are highly skilled in combat, covert operations and spying on political enemies at the request of the Krytan Queen. Headed by the Master Examplar, a position appointed by the Queen, the Shining Blade may supercede the authority of either of the other two branches of military if ordered by the Queen.
When Princess Jennah became Queen she appointed her close friend and companion Countess Anise as Master Exemplar. Anise served in the Shining Blade for many years, accompanying a young Princess Jennah as her personal guard. Anise has a sharp political mind and though she is not thought of as a powerful combatant, her cunning and ability to predict the actions of others has long served to keep the Queen safe and Krytan interests safe.

The Seraph

Seraph male and female in heavy armor The largest of the Krytan militia with outposts in every major town, the Seraph are the army, the police force and the protectors of the general populace throughout the nation. Their patrols wage a constant, tiring battle to keep roads free of marauding centaurs and thieving bandits who are ever present in GW2.

The highest rank attainable in the Seraph is that of Captain. At any given time, the Queen has from five to ten captains, each operating independently with authority over a certain territory of Kryta, but in coordination with and under the Queen's command.

Now considered her closest and most trusted Captain, Logan Thackeray shoulders the responsibility for much of the command of the Seraph in Kryta, while Queen Jennah absorbs herself in her duties to Ebonhawke and the complex negotiations with the Charr towards a treaty. As well as his immediate authority covering the city and environs of Divinity's Reach, he also organizes the Seraph to respond to threats against the Krytan nation. The threats in Guild Wars 2 will test him well.
A distinct black-uniformed unit of Seraph known as the "Fallen Angels" are based in Ebonhawke, enforcing the Queen's will, supporting the Ascalon freeholders and lending their aid to the military there in hopes of eventual peace with the Charr.

The people of Kryta respect the Seraph, but long years of war against the centaurs and the recent increase in bandit attacks throughout the nation have worn on the people's patience.

Ministry Guard

Ministry Guard emblem Typically seen only in Divinity's Reach, the Ministry Guard live in plush chambers and are the second largest martial unit is Kryta. Headed by the Commander of Divinity's Reach, they have the right to overrule Seraph authority where ministers are concerned, in order to keep government secrets secure. They are charged with protecting the nobility of Kryta, keeping the peace in the ministry and providing personal security for the Krytan ministers and their aides.

The Ministry's highest office is the Legate Minister who is granted direct contact with the Queen.
As Guild Wars 2 begins, more and more ministers speak out against the armed forces, resenting their constant drain on the nation's economy and the apparent lack of significant victories against threats to Kryta. Slowly but surely the Ministry Guard is seizing power within Divinity's Reach and in the hometowns of ministers across the nation, spreading their authority where the Seraph's strength is waning.

This shift in the balance of power is not going unnoticed. It has caused some ministers to speak out against the Seraph commanders and, more recently, against Queen Jennah herself. Respected leaders throughout the land lay blame on the Queen and say she no longer acts in the people's best interests, earning more and more supporters for their cause.

Krytan Law

The Krytan Rule of Law was designed to maintain an equal burden on both branches of enforcement, allowing the Seraph to utilize their superior manpower throughout Kryta while the Ministry Guard handles bureaucratic issues and legal rulings. Under this law only the nobility receives a full trial. Commoners receive magistrate audiences at the ministry while outsiders are only given a hearing before the local Seraph authority.

The Seraph have control over prisons and holding cells, no matter the birth of the individual being detained. The ministry takes charge of all trials and hearings across societal bounds. This means that the Seraph can lawfully take authority over a noble-born prisoner brought in by the Shining Blade, or that the ministry can refuse to present some or all information gathered by the Seraph during a trial. It is no surprise that the two groups often engage in a fierce contest over authority.

Lately, the Seraph have been losing that contest, as their soldiers have little time for politics as they're preoccupied with battles against the centaurs and keeping the Krytan farmlands free of bandit attack. Fewer and fewer citizens have the strength to join their ranks and money to pay the soldiers is scarcer than ever.

As Guild Wars 2 begins the stakes are high in the kingdom of Kryta. Unless the Seraph are able to solidify peace within Kryta and overcome the dangers they face, the country and Queen Jennah herself may be in jeopardy of an uprising... an armed uprising, with the ministry leading the rebellion against the throne. Krytan Militia in Guild Wars 2

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