Charr Military Hierarchy

It's said that the Charr are a warlike race but this is only partly accurate. More precisely, the charr in Guild Wars 2 are a warrior race, born and bred to serve a military life in one role or another, if not as soldiers, then as logistical support for soldiers, providing weapons, transport, food and whatever else the legions may need.

For a young Charr their miltary life begins in their legion's "Fahrar", a kind of military boot camp that Charr report to once they're old enough to walk and wield a blade. Here, the cubs of that year are educated and raised in an often brutal training environment. Charr warbands training. A Charr bonds for life with the other cubs in the fahrar, with graduates forming a warband that becomes an adult charr's second family.
At the head of the Charr military chain of command is the "Khan-Ur", the supreme ruler, the primus imperator. The Khan-Ur ranks above the imperators of all four legions and coordinates all Charr armies in GW2.

If there is no Khan-Ur, each of the four High Legions are led by separate Imperators who hold authority within their own legion's structure.
Charr Tribune Beneath each imperator are the Tribunes, his primary commanders, who each oversee an entire theatre of war or a large swathe of territory controlled by his legion. A legion rarely has more than ten tribunes.

Beneath the tribunes are Centurions who command a number of warbands (a "company") and coordinate maneuvers on a broad scale within the tribune's authority. A "Primus Centurion" might be appointed in areas where multiple centurions are coordinating. The primus centurion leads an assault force comprising of 3-5 large companies, which is smaller than the numbers encompassed by the tribune's authority, but still quite sizeable.

In each warband is a Legionnaire who leads their warband (typically a group of 5-15 charr) on missions, guides them to victory, and provides individual leadership to the squad.

Under the command of the legionnaires are the soldiers of each legion, the warband members, who are the rank and file of charr strength.
There are other ranks within the military hierachy of the Charr in Guild Wars 2 however they don't form a part of the usual chain of command.

A "Brevet" is a temporary field command used in times of emergency.

A legion's "Quaestor" is their quartermaster, a position typically held by an older soldier whose battlefield skill have lessened, but whose experience and administrative guidance are extremely valuable.

"Scrapper" is the term used for a warband on punishment duty, no matter what their official rank.

"Primus" is the title for an adult instructor at a fahrar. The primus provides education and guidance, preparing the young warband for life as soldiers in their legion.

The lowest rank in the High Legions is the "Gladium". A Gladium is a charr without a warband. They are the lowest grunts and are given little respect or responsibility, regardless of their previous titles or rank. Without a warband, a charr is not trusted. It is every gladium's duty to rejoin a warband as quickly as possible. Until they do, they are seen as a black mark on the legion's record and are looked down upon.

In GW2 there are still Charr merchants, explorers, and even Charr scholars, but whatever their vocation, all Charr are soldiers at heart, and they confront life's challenges with a soldier's focus and military discipline.

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