Lion's Arch in Guild Wars 2

The new Guild Wars 2 video reveals a lot about how Lion's Arch has grown and changed over the last 250 years. Matthew Medina, one of ArenaNet's content designers is the guy with the mammoth task (or pleasure) of designing the cities of GW2. (You might remember Matthew as he's also the guy responsible for creating the GW2 written language system, a series of in-game alphabets. So yeah, the guy's no slouch!) He's seized on the opportunity to fill the cities of Guild Wars 2 with incredible detail and personality ensuring they look, sound, and feel like a living place.

This attention to detail is obvious throughout this latest GW2 video as it focuses on what is historically one of the most important cities in Tyria and a city which plays a pivotal role in Guild Wars 2.

The city is divided in 13 "Sectors", 11 land-based and 2 aquatic. Click the mini map to see the complete Lion's Arch map.
  • New Town Center.
  • White Crane Terrace.
  • Western Ward.
  • Canal Ward.
  • The Agora.
  • Grand Piazza.
  • Fort Marriner.
  • Easter Ward.
  • Postern Ward.
  • Farshore Ward.
  • Bloodcoast Ward.
  • Sanctum Harbor.
  • Inner Harbor.
Click for big map of Lion's Arch.
In the times of Guild Wars 2 the old Lion's Arch lies beneath the waterline in Sanctum Harbor after being destroyed by the rise of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, the dragon of Orr. Over time the water's receded and the city was slowly rebuilt by creatures from every race who were looking for somewhere to live after being displaced by the ongoing wars.

These races banded together under a human named Cobiah Marriner to do battle with the minions of Orr. Humans fought alongside Charr, Norn, Asura and other minor races against an evil foe with incredible power. Through this commitment to work together for the greater good, the city of Lion's Arch was reborn. The result was a city which had no allegiance to any one faction, a truly independant settlement.

Lion's Arch does not run itself however. As Guild Wars 2 begins the city is governed by the Captain's Council, a committee of sea captains and wealthy merchants. Seats on this council may be purchased by anyone who has proved themselves as being a leader in the city by contributing to the city's growth or health and must be respected as a noted ship commander.

In order to defend against Zhaitan's attacks, the elite Lionguard have built a fortress on Claw Island, a small body of land in the harbor. You'll get to be very familiar with this area once you start playing Guild Wars 2!

Enjoy this GW2 Video showing the reborn Lion's Arch as it appears in Guild Wars 2.

As one of the main themes of Guild Wars 2 is bringing together the races in order to fight the Elder Dragons, Lion's Arch will be a pivotal location for this. Lion's Arch in Guild Wars 2.

Here's a link to the new Map of Tyria in Guild Wars 2 where you can see Lion's Arch and get an idea of just how big GW2 will be!

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