Quaggan Guild Wars 2 Race

I don't know about you but I consider anything that's described as being "mostly harmless" still needs to be approached with caution. That's how the Guild Wars 2 non-playable Quaggan race were introduced to eager GW2 fans.

Looking like a cross between a dolphin and a pint-sized elephant, most Quaggans have a coloration that blends from a two-tone sea blue on the back to pale grey along the belly, though there are some who are black along the back and white along the belly, similar to penguins and orca.

The Quaggan are an intelligent aquatic race, able to breathe both air and water, who come equipped with a decent set of fangs and talons that look quite capable of rending flesh from bone. Yep, "mostly harmless" indeed!

Quaggans originally lived in the depths of the Unending Ocean but fled after their traditional territories were invaded by the Krait. (See Underwater Evil in GW2 | The Krait) The surviving Quaggans made new homes in the shallower waters found along Sea of Sorrow, the Tarnished Coast and the various inland freshwater lakes. Another group, fleeing the Elder Dragon Jormag, migrated south, into the more inhabited lands of Tyria.

Their dwellings resemble a series of round pods made from coral and corded seaweed which are tethered to the ocean floor. Phosphorescent algae and luminous pearls provide all the light they need and are easily farmed. (Sounds like a good way to make friends with the Quaggans!) The Quaggan lay their eggs in these pods though once hatched the entire community care for their young, echoing the human philosophy that it takes an entire village to raise a child.

Fortunately for humans, the Quaggans in Guild Wars 2 are peaceful by nature and are omnivorous, living on a diet of fish, coral and seaweed. (Breath mint anyone? Quaggans need breath mint.)

A word of warning though! Their "mostly harmless" tag becomes "Danger Will Robinson!" when Quaggans are in pain or angered. As their adrenaline levels surge they transform into rage-driven brutes, their skin darkening, fangs erupting from their mouths and their flippers sprouting talons which they use to destroy anything in their path... friend or foe.

Image of angry Quaggan. "Do not make Quaggan angry.

You would not like Quaggan when Quaggan is angry."
Peaceful Quaggan.
Strangely though, this behavior deeply embarrasses them and it is even considered a social faux pas among their people, as the Quaggans take great care to be an exceptionally polite and inoffensive race!

The Quaggan race was once ruled by a leader known as the "Markissios" though the noble family were killed, eaten or enslaved by the krait. Those Quaggans who survived now rule themselves, with individual villages being governed by the "Varonos", the mayor.

At the time of Guild Wars 2, a small group of these Varonos, who govern villages throughout Kryta, have reached out to the human Queen and the two races have entered into a friendly alliance of help and support. Although both races are besieged, humans and quaggans assist each other as best as they can when the other is in need.

In GW2, For spiritual strength, Quaggans worship "Mellaggan", a single god who represents the bounty of the sea. The "Pastkeepers" serve as priests and are responsible for recording the legends of each community of Quaggans. Strangely though, the Quaggans use sunken temples to Melandru, such as that in Lake Gendarr, to worship their own god.

The Quaggans themselves would prefer to lead quiet, peaceful lives and they'll happily move out of the way of more aggressive races if they are simply told to leave. The problem is that, due to the ever-increasing attacks on their people by hostile races like the Krait, there's nowhere left for them to go to.

In Guild Wars 2 it's time for the Quaggans to make a stand. Which side of the battle will YOU be on?!

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