Cross-Profession Skill Combinations in GW2

In Jon Peters' latest post on ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 Blog he talked about the work the GW2 development team had been putting into making cross-profession skill combinations a valued part of the new game. As GW2 combat is all about dynamic teamwork, these combos are designed to encourage players to interact and work together cooperatively.

While the actual term he used was "Cross-profession combo" he stressed that these combos can also be created by two of the same profession and, in many cases, even by a single character.

Breaking down the process, Jon described how there were two important elements that combined to make up the cross-profession combo; the initiator and the finisher, describing it as being along the lines of a set and spike in volleyball where one action sets up the combo, and another finishes it.

Again using the sporting analogy, all combos are initiated by creating an area (called a "field") on the battleground that changes the effect of skills performed within it. These fields persist in the world for a short time and can be poison, light, dark, smoke or elemental effects such as lightning, fire or ice. This is the "set" part of the example.

Now for the "spike". This may come by way of a fired projectile, leaping, or blasting an area.

Three cross-profession skill combinations Jon offered included :

  • Stomp inside a Smoke Screen to cloak nearby allies (nice for PvP!).
  • Leaping Death Blossom through a Symbol of Faith will remove conditions from allies near your target.
  • Use Ricochet through a Firewall to get a bouncing axe that has a chance to burn the targets it hits.
To help players experiment with cross-profession skill combinations, when two players create a combo, each player will see a floating notification that they did a combo and which skills were involved. The field type or finisher type of skills is also displayed in their description.

Now when you consider that almost every weapon has some sort of initiator or finisher, two players will have plenty of opportunity to find and capitalize on numerous cross-profession and same-profession skill combinations to multiply the damage dealt by their individual skills.

To avoid overpowering (and confusion) every finisher can only be modified once, so for example, a bullet that passes through a firewall and a poison cloud will only inflict the additional fire damage on the targeted foe.

The short video below (3:37) demonstrates how combos work. Thanks to Haste for taking the time to put it together!

Now all Guild Wars 2 players have to do is put our thinking caps on and come up with some novel cross profession dragon-killing skill combinations! Cross profession skill combinations.

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