Sylvari Race in GW2

The eagerly anticipated reveal of the redesigned Sylvari race has given joy to more than one of the GW2 Blog Krewe.

Kristen Perry's visual update to the newest, and final addition to the Guild Wars 2 playable races brought on reactions ranging from a big sigh of relief from our resident ranger Jackal to a "Woohoo!" from yours truly.

After reading the stories of Killeen in the original Guild Wars novel, Ghosts of Ascalon and then Caithe in the follow-up book, Edge of Destiny, I've been planning on creating a female Sylvari Necromancer.

The only problem was, that the original Sylvari look didn't quite fit with the appearance that I'd imagined for my necro. When I heard that Kristen wanted to give the Sylvari plant-people a more noble, beautiful appearance I was hopeful that what she'd eventually achieve was something close to what I'd imagined.

After seeing the latest iteration I'm as happy as a dog with two bones, as Kristen's newest visual creation fits perfectly with my imagined merging of the two characters from the books. Excited about the new Sylvari GW2 race.
Parfum The female Sylvari are beautiful, which may seem like an odd thing to say as they are after all, plants... albeit with more than a passing resemblance to human form.

Caithe (on the right) is stunning, with more than a hint of the lethal ability that was revealed in the book series seeping through to the surface.

On the left is one of the NPC's, Parfum, who is equally stunning though for entirely different reasons. Look closely at her face, hair, chest and shoulders and you'll see forms and textures we'd normally associate with trees and plants yet she has an almost human appearance.

If the aim of the art update was to transform the Sylvari into a noble, beautiful, plant race, Kristen Perry has nailed it.
The physical appearance of these plant-people, like their earthbound relatives, can change, depending on the season. While the summer skins appear leafy and lush with lots of different plant details making up their anatomy, the Winter skins will be sparser, having more dried leaves, gnarled roots, bramble tendons and bark trunks woven throughout the body. If Spring or Autumn are more to your liking you can simply dye the summer skin brown, yellow-green or orange to capture the essence of those seasons too!
Ever since the revelation that there'd be a plant-like race in Guild Wars 2, Jackal's been looking forward to creating a male Sylvari Ranger.

The artwork update has relieved his concerns that the new Sylvari was going to end up looking more like an "Ent" than something you can actually imagine running through the game fighting, swimming, jumping and pew-pew-pewing (his words, not mine!) with agility and precision.

He really likes the look of the male Sylvari on the left though whether that armor is a warrior's or ranger's is a lively topic of discussion amongst the GW2 Blog Krewe.
Male Sylvari
Sylvari males
In the video below, Kristen and Ree Soesbee (Guild Wars 2 Continuity & Lore Designer), talk Sylvari.

Kristen says that along with bioluminescent markings, in the future there'll be more shapes and details to choose from including faces, hair designs with branches and flowers, a full selection of ears, and perhaps some leaf patterns overlaying the skins like tattoos.

More videos and detailed, up-to-date information on the Sylvari can be found here... The Sylvari in Guild Wars 2.

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