Guild Wars 2 Playable Races

Five playable races have been confirmed as being in the Guild Wars 2 world. They are Human, Charr, Norn, Asura and Sylvari. These are the races which will be available when GW2 is released. MORE races may added in future expansions / campaigns. In GW2 you get to decide which race suits YOUR playing style.

The Humans... resilient, resourceful, determined and battle-hardened.

The Charr... a ferocious, lionesque race and long-time foes of the Humans. They worship no God and trust only the power of the Warband.

The Norn... fierce, independent, hulking man/bear shapeshifters from the frozen northern shiverpeaks.

The Asura... short in stature, BIG in intellect - magical inventions and technology are there speciality.

The Sylvari... an entire race spawned from a single tree (The Pale Tree) which was grown from a seed found by a human in a cavern protected by terrible plant creatures. Planted by the human on the grave of his Mursaat-killed family and nurtured for 100 years by a noble Centaur.

Although players of each race will begin in different areas and have different storylines, it is the player's job to bring the five main races together to fight and defeat the Elder Dragons as no single race is powerful enough to do it on their own. The world of Guild Wars 2 offers an entirely new experience for GW veterans as you play as one of these races. Guild Wars 2 playable races.

Guild Wars 2 Non-Playable Races

Along with the above playable races there are also a number of minor, non-playable races that Guild Wars 2 players will encounter in their travels.

The Kodan... resembling 10-foot tall polar bears, though far more intelligent!

The Grawl... a heavy, powerful, apelike people who love a good battle.

The Hylek... frog-like masters of poison.

The Jotun... a savage, vicious race who detest weakness.

The Krait... an evil, fanatically religious, lizard-like aquatic race.

The Skritt... rodent scavengers with a "group-intelligence".

The Quaggan... intelligent, peaceful aquatic race... "almost harmless".

While these races may only be minor players in the GW2 world do not treat them lightly, lest you find yourself in an unexpected "downed-mode". You have been warned!

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