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Existing long before the times of Guild Wars 2, and well before the arrival of humans in Ascalon, the primitive Grawl race have made little progress as a society in those years. They live today much the same as they did hundreds of years ago, forming small tribes, making their homes in natural caverns, living the life of a hunter-gatherer and scavenging what they can from the more advanced races of Tyria.

Built slightly bigger than a typical human, with heavy, hunched shoulders, the apelike Grawl of GW2 are a bipedal, hairy people, their bodies covered with long fur of various shades of grey. Over the centuries, due to their primitive nature, the Grawl have been dominated by other races, often forced into providing cheap labor or even slavery.

GW2 grawl Though the Grawl can speak and make their own primitive tools, weapons, clothes and armor, these are just poor imitations of those fashioned by the other races.

While a typical Grawl is comfortable wearing little more than a loincloth, a warrior raider would dress in heavy leather armor with a protective hood, and wield a scythe-like axe or a bow.

Anything more elaborate than this equipment would most likely have been stolen from other races in one of their frequent bandit raids.
The Grawl in Guild Wars 2 are a deeply spiritual people, living in small tribes consisting of several families, under the command of one or more shamans. These shamans guide the spiritual and daily activities of their family unit, using their magical powers to protect their flock and enforce the will of their gods. As symbols of their standing, Grawl shamans wear colorful headdresses made from the feathers of rare birds and necklaces made with bones harvested from their enemies.

The Grawl believe that all physical things contain spirits, and that particularly powerful or unusual beings, places and items hold unusually powerful spirits which are capable of granting miracles. By worshiping these entities, they believe they can gain their protection and favor.

This results in the various Grawl tribes worshiping a wide assortment of different things, ranging from natural features like a rock face to unusual phenomena, or powerful creatures. As this worship isn't universal, conflicts arise over whose beliefs represent the "true" Grawl religion.

Occasionally, (and at the time of Guild Wars 2) multiple tribes throughout a region will abandon their individual beliefs and form a new religious movement, resulting in a bloody holy war where all non-grawl are viewed as potential converts, hostages, or enemies. This means YOU! Grawl race in Guild Wars 2


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