The Hylek

First seen in Nightfall and then again in the Eye of the North expansion, the Hylek "frog people" have survived and expanded during a time in which most races have struggled for survival and now they are set to play their part in Guild Wars 2 as one of the minor non-playable races players will encounter. Perhaps one reason for their survival is that all Hylek have a set of poison glands that produce a deadly toxin, making them a regretful last supper for any predator. Do not eat! They are resourceful survivors, fierce warriors, and masters of poison, being naturally immune to their own secretions as well as a wide variety of other natural poisons.
Hylek live in small, independent tribes made up of anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of Hylek. They thrive in all types of water but prefer to live in swampy areas.
Hylek Hut
With the warming of the Shiverpeaks, large portions of the southern shore from the boundaries of Kryta to the edge of Orr have turned into swampland. The Hylek have expanded into these areas and flourished. As their numbers have grown, they've taken over more land, continuing to spread and to multiply.
Individual tribes are ruled by a single Hylek chieftain who has sole and absolute authority (though the wiser, more successful chieftains consult with the priests and elder tribe members). The various tribes of the Hylek are extremely territorial and cooperation between them is rare. They keep individual tribe names to distinguish themselves from one another but are also differentiated by color, which indicate how aggressive a particular tribe is and how potent the toxins are that they generate. The tribes that produce the deadliest toxins are the most aggressive and dangerous to outsiders. BE WARNED!
Hylek frog people Hylek have a short, harsh life, being born as tadpoles, and having to compete for food and shelter with brood mates numbering in the hundreds or even thousands.

When the brood reaches maturity the Hylek hold a coming-of-age festival where young Hylek compete against each other, demonstrating their skills and showing their value to the tribe. How they perform at this festival will largely determine what path they take in life, whether it's as a warrior defending the tribe or a merchant dealing with outsiders.

Those Hylek who manage to avoid a premature death from violence or starvation can live into their forties. Any who make it into old age are deeply respected by the tribe, often being asked for counsel on difficult issues or for judgment during tribal disputes.
The Hylek race worship the sun and hold great solstice tournaments and festivals to celebrate the day's sunrise and sunset. Sun worshippers

To the Hylek, the sun represents both good and evil as it brings life-sustaining heat and bounty, as well as drought and famine. Every Hylek tribe has at least one priest whose job it is to "read" the sun and the sky. These priests are expert at weather forecasting, knowing when it will rain and how long dry seasons will last. The prosperity of a Hylek tribe can be greatly increased by having a priest who can accurately read the sun.
The Hylek do a great deal of experimentation with poisons, antidotes, and a wide variety of compounds. Their knowledge and ability make the Hylek some of the most sought after alchemists in all of Tyria, with many alchemists of more civilized races hiring Hylek "apprentices" so that they can exchange knowledge. Groups such as the Order of Whispers use this Hylek knowledge extensively in their clandestine operations.
Hylek merchants from the friendlier tribes often seek to trade their less poisonous concoctions for goods and raw materials, creating an economy with the surrounding races which allows them to acquire weapons and armors that are more advanced than they could otherwise make for themselves. Guild Wars 2 Hylek race. Be warned! When first making contact with a Hylek tribe, it is wise to approach cautiously until you can determine whether they will treat you as a guest and trade partner or as a threat to exterminate. Whether the Hylek will be friends or foes in Guild Wars 2 may well depend on the choices and actions YOU take!


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