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One of the non-playable races in Guild Wars 2, the Jotun are an ancient race who were at one time regarded as the "Kings of the Shiverpeaks". They were an advanced, intelligent race of giants skilled in feats of both strength and magic. They created magical, enchanted monuments in numerous locations throughout the Shiverpeak Mountains.

These golden times are long past though, as at the time of GW2 the Jotun have lost all command and understanding of technology and magic after their powerful sages, lore-keepers and mystics were killed before they could pass on their arcane knowledge to future generations.

Ultimately the Jotun were the masters of their own demise.

Guild Wars 2 Jotun image After conquering all who threatened them they were convinced that they were the superior race and soon became obsessed with the purity of their bloodlines and the number of heroes, warlords, and giant-kings they could claim in each lineage. They firmly believe that their blood is magical and each clan can trace their lineage back to some powerful giant-king of lore.

The quality of these bloodlines became a prime reason for choosing one mate over another which led to the seizing of rival's lands and property as the giant-kings turned on each other, wiping out other "lesser" Jotun tribes. Families waged war upon one another, and brother made war on brother, as a vicious internal wars erupted between the tribes as they each sought ultimate control.
As a result, by the times of Guild Wars 2, the Jotun have regressed to being a savage, vicious race who would tear one of their own to pieces at the first sign of weakness, no matter what the long-term cost to the clan would be. They live in large tribes, all related by blood or by union, and are led by the strongest. The more aggressive male Jotun take leadership roles, while the females are tasked with bringing up their offspring and less dangerous tasks.

They are loyal only to their family and their tribes and they will do anything to protect these and to defend the territory they control. They have few morals and will lie, cheat, steal or kill if that action will empower him or strengthen his clan (or destroy another). Needless to say, when two clans of Jotun encounter one another, nothing less than the complete eradication of the other will end the encounter.

Now you've been warned, will YOU get your ass whooped by a Jotun in GW2? GW2 Giants

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