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If the prospect of hanging out with 10-foot tall Polar bears appeals, you're going to love the latest addition to the Guild Wars 2 races! Enter the Kodan... an intelligent race of bipedal, polar bear-like creatures from beyond the northern Shiverpeaks. However, these are not your average bears! Guild Wars 2 Kodan race.

Kodan sanctuaryWhile similarly bear-like, the Kodan do not claim any connection or relationship to the Norn race, but some choose to interpret early stories of a lost group of Kodan as an explanation of the origin of the Norn.

The Kodan believe that they are the most spiritually enlightened race in the world. They have a strong belief in the importance of being in balance with the world around them, and that it is their duty to watch over the world, judge others, and maintain the balance... by force if necessary. Each Kodan tribe build entire cities upon massive floating iceberg fortresses known as "Sanctuaries", upon which they live and travel.

Each Sanctuary is led by two important individuals, "The Voice" and "The Claw", who are essentially partnered leaders within Kodan society. Neither has the right to overturn the other's decisions, and both have clear areas of influence.
The Voice, Kodan spiritual leader. The Voice is a spiritualist, chosen for their innate, deep connection to Koda... the Ancient One, Founder of the Earth, Keeper of the Sky... and their understanding of his will.

Each Sanctuary's Voice shuts themselves off from the world, living in shrines to Koda. It is the Voice's duty to care for their Sanctuary's "spirit", to seek and interpret the will of Koda, and to bring spiritual guidance to the Kodan of his Sanctuary.

Holy Koda's will, as translated by the Voice, supersedes any single Kodan's wishes.
The Claw is the battle-leader of each Sanctuary whose duty is to protect, guard and tend to the day-to-day running of the Sanctuary.

He leads the hunters and maintains a small group of Guardians whose purpose is to defend the Sanctuary.

Only the Claw, has the right to approach the Voice and ask for guidance.
The Claw is the Kodan military leader.
The Voice and The Claw are chosen at the same time if possible, and serve for centuries together, guiding and leading their Sanctuary and the Kodan within. If a Claw dies, it is tradition for the Voice to retire. Likewise, if the Voice should go mad or pass into Koda's arms, the Claw will resign his post.

In Guild Wars 2, with the rise of the Elder Dragon Jormag in the far north, the great ice ships of the Kodan were driven apart, with many destroyed, pushed out of the massive ice seas and into the shallow bays and harbors that border the Shiverpeaks. They cannot return to the arctic oceans, for fear that the dragon will destroy them utterly.

Will they be your friend or foe? That may very well depend on YOUR actions!


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