Krait | Aquatic Evil in Guild Wars 2

One of the non-playable races in Guild Wars 2, the Krait are an evil species of water-dwelling creatures with a society driven by religious fanaticism.

The Krait first appeared in throughout the Tarnished Coast, Arbor Bay and Magus Stones areas of Tyria and now they're back... meaner, stronger and more dangerous than ever before.

Incredibly vicious creatures, the Krait in GW2 have a serpent-like appearance, being covered in scales with a long tail, a horned, lizard-like head and humanoid torso and arms.

A unique feature of the Krait is their ability to change their physical appearance when they are close to death. It is then, in a type of religious frenzy, that they can "shape-shift", transforming into a more powerful form which can be even more difficult to defeat. TIP: Kill them quickly before they get the chance to transform!
The Krait are a deeply religious; some say fanatical, race. Led by their priesthood, the Oratuss, ther religion centers around a series of massive obelisks which the Krait believe were raised upon the site of a Krait prophet's ascension into a mystic world. In this other world, they believe these prophets are building an army great enough to eradicate all other species and that one day, they will return and cleanse the surface of Tyria beneath one massive sea. The Krait sacrifice slaves to show reverence to these prophets and to ensure that the prophets will have servants in their mystical "other world."

The Krait's religious texts are memorized and interpreted by the Oratuss, and because of this, some information has been lost over time. Due to the fanaticism of these priests and priestesses and their desire to retain their power over the Krait, the priests subtly change the words of the massive memorized texts to suit whatever interpretation they require to justify their actions.

As a result, the true story of the obelisks' creation and purpose has been twisted for religious use, with the prophets of the Krait being nothing more than false religious figures invented by a ruling priest caste to maintain their grip on power. Up to now, the Oratuss' strategy has succeeded, as all Krait are willing to die, if necessary, so that the Krait beliefs and race can survive.
Krait Guild Wars 2 aquatic race.
If the day of the watery armageddon did arrive, the Krait would survive quite well as they are excellent swimmers (courtesy of the tail), and are just as comfortable above or below the waterline. They build their towns and cities deep beneath the waves, incorporating natural caverns and coral reefs into elaborate underwater structures that stretch from the ocean depths to just above the surface. Their major cities are often built around one or more of the great obelisks that they worship.

It is in these aquatic cities that they lay eggs in underwater hatcheries and build arenas for gladiatorial combat where both males and females are given education and battle training.

A sinister feature of these cities are the massive pillars that stretch to the surface, serving as slave-pens for Hyleks, Humans and other air-breathing captives. Here they are held in small chambers at the top, above the water, until it's time for them to be sacrificed or eaten.

Due in large part to their aquatic lifestyle, which provides them with both an environmental defence and a distinct battlefield advantage over air-breathing foes, the Krait have never been conquered. They're convinced that THEY are the superior species in the world and don't believe themselves to be defeatable.

In Guild Wars 2, YOU get to test that theory as you experience swimming and underwater combat with the evil that is the Krait. You may even be able to solve the mystery of the obelisks! GW2 challenges for everyone.


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