Skritt Species

A race of sneaky, intelligent scavengers with a somewhat small humanoid form which resembles a rat, the Skritt are a new species to emerge in Guild Wars 2.

If you're having trouble imagining the appearance of this odd species, it's not going to help that it's even harder telling the male from the female! Only the Asura, who have generations of interactions with this race, can easily tell the difference between the two genders. Skritt race
Here's a video showing a group of Skritt who should have known better than to attack a shadow-stepping Asura Thief.

Like the Asura, the Skritt are a subterranean species who were driven to the surface when Primordus arose. For many generations the Skritt and the Asura were bitter enemies, fighting below the surface of Tyria to claim territory and resources for their respective people.

After fleeing to the surface, the Skritt who survived gathered in pockets scattered throughout Tyria. They use underground passageways and rocks to build a safe environment in large hollows or caverns, known as "scratches", where they can build huts and structures using items that they scavenge.
Skritt In Guild Wars 2 their numbers have been decimated and they're constantly being hunted by the Asura and their allies. Some races (such as the Charr) view the Skritt as a pest to eradicate. Others, such as the Humans and the Sylvari, are more willing to talk to the Skritt and make alliances.

However the Skritt reproductive cycle makes them a hard race to exterminate. Female Skritt can give birth to litters approximately three to five times in their lives. These litters rapidly become self-sufficient and move out to live on their own.

This leads the Asura to massacre Skritt as rapidly as possible, arguing that if they didn't, the Skritt would quickly overpopulate and be a massive threat to the civilized world.
Like the Asura (though with far less arrogance), the Skritt believe themselves to be smarter than the average species, considering other species as "slow-witted not-skritt". Oddly though, this superior Skritt "intelligence" is only apparent when they gather in large numbers. A single Skritt is a simple-minded individual, capable of performing basic tasks and keeping himself alive, but an entire Skritt colony is clever enough to challenge even the brainpower of the Asura.

This "group intelligence" is a result of their method of communicating with each other. They speak in a buzz of rapid squeaks and chirps, quickly sharing information and parsing knowledge to determine their actions. The more Skritt there are to do so, the more intelligent, rational and cunning they become. Even the bravest GW2 adventurer should hesitate to attack a hollow when it is filled with Skritt.

Skritt often have difficulty communicating with other species as they'll often assume you know what they're talking about and that you have the ability to keep up with their fast-paced information transfer. They'll speak rapidly and without detail because another Skritt would simply understand without needing those specifics.

There is no overall or permanent leader of the Skritt. Instead they employ a process where a leader is chosen for his or her ability to most rapidly parse the information brought by other Skritt at a particular location. The rest of their race at that location allow that individual to plan and choose future strategies for the entire colony. The entire group gathers en masse at least once every full or new moon in order to share information on a large-scale, discuss the events of the past month and prepare for any difficulties they know to be approaching during the next moon.

Skritt feel that life exists simply so that one can have pleasant times and good memories. They do not prize jewelry or useless items, nor do they decorate themselves with shiny objects. Instead, they prefer useful items that give them an advantage in hunting or other work, or things that they are incapable of making for themselves. Skritt parents care a great deal for their children, pampering them with the finest objects that can be bought, bartered for or stolen.

One thing is for sure... when you meet a Skritt in Guild Wars 2 you'd best make sure your gold is secure and your weapons are at close at hand. Sneaky, thieving Skritt.


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